We have two free and two paid products to offer.

Listing: $25 per listing

Listing update: $6 per listing.

Listing erasure: Free.

Listings about free open source sofware related to cryptocurrency: Free

The prices listed above are for 1 product and are not recurring.

Promotion: Purchase 20 products, and receive 1 additional product for free. Read "Buy now, use later" and "Refund Policy"

Please read this page completely then contact Sales to start

s a l e s .@. t r i a n g l e b r u i n s .dot. o r g

Basic Rules:

Each non-free listing can include up to 2 outgoing links and must contain 200 or more words in English. There are no such limitations for free listings. All listings must be relevant to cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and altcoins.

What is the purpose of a listing?

Some popular uses include promoting products/brands, sharing news/announcements, posting personal items suitable for public sharing, providing consumer reviews, advertising job vacancies, and publishing classified ads.

What sets us apart?

We exclusively accept cryptocurrency as payment, including a wide variety of options. Our customers only pay us once they are fully satisfied with their orders.

Each order is meticulously processed by our team with great care, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. We prioritize privacy and strive to deliver exceptional quality. We do not rely on third-party services for order and payment processing, which means we do not have to share customer data with any external entities.

With extensive experience in online advertising, SEO, and related fields, we highly value privacy and advocate for the use of free open source software. We do not track our website visitors, customers, or anyone else, nor do we send unsolicited promotional emails or newsletters. We firmly believe that online marketing takes a different approach.


By contacting sales, you acknowledge and accept the following terms:

We will strive to maintain your online listing for as long as possible. However, we cannot guarantee a specific or uninterrupted time period for the services we provide.

You understand and agree that we may need to edit your articles or listings, with the primary intention of correcting obvious typos. Before making any changes, we will seek your approval. Additionally, we reserve the right to publish your listing in a more relevant category, even if it differs from your initial preference. In the event that you do not approve of our category selection, we may choose not to publish your listing.

We reject the listing of illegal content and incomplete, nonfunctional websites. Additionally, we will not allow the inclusion of parked domain names or websites that are filled with advertisements. While we do permit affiliate links in listings, we do not allow the display of ads that utilize javascript, php, or similar technologies, embedded videos, or any other page elements that are hosted elsewhere. While we strive to support freedom of speech, we retain the right to reject any listing that we deem inappropriate or that may potentially infringe upon the rights of others. If we receive notice of any issues with a listing, we will take it offline and require you to address the problem. If we do not hear from you or if you are unable to resolve the issue within 12 months, we will delete the listing.

Customers are required to make payment within 12 hours of viewing and approving their listings. If payment is not received within this timeframe, we will temporarily remove the listings until payment is made at the most recent exchange rate.

Buy now, use later

Customers have 24 months to use their purchased products. We will make an effort to remind customers of the expiration dates of their unused products via email. This reminder will be sent once, 1 month before the expiration date. It is the sole responsibility of the customers to use their unused products within 24 months and to monitor the expiration dates closely. We do not guarantee that reminder emails will be sent on time or successfully delivered to your email inbox. If you happen to forget the expiration date of your unused products, please contact our sales team, and we will email it to you.

Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer refunds in either cryptocurrency or fiat currency form. This is due to the complex nature of cryptocurrencies and the fact that payment is only made after you have approved the service we have provided. Therefore, there are no valid reasons for a refund, unless you have purchased a "Buy now, Use later" package where you have paid in advance to receive discounts and protection from potential price increases in the future.

For example, let's say you have paid for 9 listings but received 10. If you have already used 7 of them before making the payment, you will not be eligible for cash or cryptocurrency refund for the remaining 3 unused listings. However, if your submission is rejected, you may submit a revised version the same article or submit a completely different one, up to 5 times within a 24-month period for each unused listing/update. Therefore, for the 3 unused listings, you can submit up to 15 different articles, but only 3 of them will be published by us.
Please be aware that each time your submission is rejected, we will inform you of the specific reason for the rejection, up to a maximum of 15 times for the 3 listings. The reasons for rejection are already stated on this page. However, please note that these reasons are based on the information available at the time of writing.

Customer Data

The customer data that we store and process consists of email communications with the customer. We do not require or store their name, surname, phone number, address, or any other personal information. We identify ownership of listings through email addresses. Our use of customer data is solely for the purpose of serving customers with their purchased products and is not shared with anyone. We do not send promotional emails. We only send notification emails about their products with the explicit consent of the customer. If a customer does not respond to our initial email, we do not send a follow-up email. Once the rejection reason for the articles sent by the customer is resolved and we are able to publish their listings online, we will delete the rejected articles.

If a customer requests it, we will delete their email communications (customer data). However, if customers do not use an alternative method to link their listings to their email addresses, they will lose ownership of those listings. This is because email addresses are how we identify listing ownership. Without email address information, we cannot verify or know the ownership of the listings. In such cases, we will be unable to assist customers in updating or deleting their listings as they will no longer be recorded as the owners and the listings will become ownerless.

By default, free listings are considered ownerless or unclaimed. This is because we delete email addresses and email communications once we publish free listings online, unless the person represents a specific free open-source software.

Only we have the ability to update and delete ownerless/unclaimed listings. We reserve the right to sell ownership of unclaimed listings to anyone for the fee specified at the top of this page. Once a listing becomes unclaimed, we may indicate "Unclaimed Listing" somewhere on the listing page.


Comments on listings are disabled.