We have 2 free and 3 paid products to offer

Listing: $15.32 per listing

Enable comments on a listing: $57.25 per listing

Listing update: $6.14 per listing. Customers can update only their own listings

Listing erasure: Free. Customers can erase only their own listings.

Listings about free open source sofware related to cryptocurrency: Free with comments enabled

Prices above are for 1 product and not recurring.

Promotion: Pay for 14 products, get 15. –Read “Buy now use later” and “Refund Policy”

Please read this page completely then contact Sales to start

s a l e s — at — t r i a n g l e b r u i n s .dot. o r g

Basic Rules:

Each non-free listing may include up to 2 outgoing links and has to include 200 or more words in English. Free listings don’t have these limitations.

All listings must be related to cryptocurrency, bitcoin and altcoins.

What is the use of listing?

Some of the popular uses are to promote products/brands, news/announcements, personal things which are suitable to share publicly, consumer reviews, job ads, classified ads.

What makes us different?

We accept cryptocurreny only, almost any cryptocurrency. Customers pay us after they are happy with their orders.

We process each order manually and carefully to provide seamless, tailored experience with privacy and exclusive quality in mind. We don’t use third party services for order and payment processing. Hence we are not forced to share customer data with third party services.

We have years of experience in online advertisement, seo and similar areas. We value privacy, love free open source software. We don’t track our visitors, customers, commentors, anyone. We never send promotional emails, newsletters, etc. We believe online marketing is something else.


You accept these before contacting sales:

We will keep your listing online as long as possible. We don’t guarantee any precise and uninterrupted time period for the services we provide.

You accept that we may edit your articles/listings if necessary and seek your approval -usually to correct appaTant typos-. We may publish a listing in a more relevant category than the customer may prefer. If the customer doesn’t approve our category selection, we may reject to publish.

We will reject listing of illegal content and advertising incomplete, nonfunctional websites, parked domain names, websites with full of ads. We allow affiliate links in listings but not displaying ads with javascript, php and similar technologies, embedded videos and any page elements -including fonts- that will be hosted in elsewhere. Even if we are not too strict and support freedom of speech, you accept that we are free to reject your listing if we deem it’s not appropriate or may potentially harm rights of others. We will take those listings offline later if we get noticed later and will require you to fix the issue. If we don’t hear from you or you are unable to fix in 12 months, we will erase that listing.

Customers must pay us in 12 hours after they see and like their listings. If we don’t receive the payment in 12 hours we will take those listings offline until paid at the most recent exchange rate.

Buy now Use later

Customers have 24 months to use their purchased products. We will try to manually remind customers expiration dates of their unused products via email only for once, 1 month before the expiration. Customers are solely responsible to use their unused products in 24 months and watch expiration dates closely. We don’t guarantee sending reminder emails in time or successful delivery to your email box. Any payment that is equal or more than 3 listing fee will reset expiration dates of all of your unused products. If you forget expiration date of your unused products please contact sales, we will email it to you.

Refund Policy

There is no refund in cryptocurrency or fiat currency form. Because it’s very difficult for the nature of cryptocurrencies and you pay after you like the service we have already delivered. So actually there is no reason for a refund except “Buy now Use later” as you may potentially pay in advance before receving the finished product in order to get discounts and protection from possible price increases in the future.

Assume you have paid for 14 listings and got 15 listings, used 7 of them before the payment and you have 8 listings to be published in the 24 months. You can not ask for cash/crypto refund for those 8 unused listings. In case of we reject you can try again for up to 60 times per unused listing/update. Edit and resubmit us the same article or submit another one in 24 months for up to 60 times until we can accept. For 8 unused listings, you can submit up to 480 different articles to have only 8 of them published by us. We will let you know the reason clearly each time -up to 480 times for 8 listings- we reject. In fact we have already written all the rejection reasons here at this page which we know at the time of this writing.

“Enable comments on a listing” fees will not be refunded in any form.

Customer Data

Customer data that we store and process consist of email communication with the customer. We don’t require and store name, surname, phone, address and other info. We identify ownership of listings with email addresses. We use customer data only to serve customers for their purchased products, don’t share with anyone. We strictly don’t send promotional emails. We send notification emails about their products only if customers consent. We don’t send second email if the customer doesn’t respond our first email. We will erase rejected articles sent by the customer after the rejection reason is resolved and we finally are able to make their listings online.

We will erase customer data (email communication) if customer wants. If customers ask us to not to use a different method for linking their listings to their email addresses, they will lose their ownership on the listings. Because we identify listing ownership with email addresses. We will be unable to know and verify ownership of the listings without email address info. After that point, we will no longer be able to help those customers to update or erase their listings as those listings will no longer be their listings in our records, will become ownerless.

Free listings are in ownerless/unclaimed status by default as we erase email addresses and email communications after making free listings online unless the person represents that particular free open source software.

Ownerless/unclaimed listings can be updated and erased only by us. We may sell ownership of unclaimed listings to anyone for the listing fee written at the top of this page. Once a listing becomes unclaimed we may state “Unclaimed Listing” somewhere in the listing page.


Comments on your listing are disabled by default. If you want us to enable comments on your listings you accept that you are not allowed to moderate, erase, modify, disable comments on your listings after the first comment gets published. Otherwise we will disable comments on your listing if you request but will not refund “Enable comments on a listing” fees in any form. We don’t publish spam comments. But we will publish negative and positive comments unbiasedly. You are free to leave comments on your own listings only if you agree to represent yourself as the owner of the listing in your first comments on each of your own listings. We will not post our own comments or ideas on your listings in order to keep our neutral position. If it becomes a neccessity we may post a comment to state publicly we have verified you are the owner of the listing.

Please also read our Privacy Policy.

Last Edited on June 24, 2021